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Real Estate in Honduras.

May 2, 2017

Real estate in honduras and where to start ?  



You should start by deciding on the lifestlye you are dreaming for; your health care, shopping, dining , arts , walking on the beach everyday etc., what is really important to you ?


The bay Islands of Honduras offers the best scuba diving in the caribbean.

Mainland Honduras offers some large cities like

Tegucigalpa ,& San Pedro Sula cute little towns as Ruinas de Copan, Siguatepeque and La Esperanza  and  some beach destinations as La Ceiba, Tela, and Trujillo.

Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba  have wider options on health care, shopping, dining , and arts compared to all other destinations.

La Ceiba has the advantage of being a port city and is considered  a tourist destination combining the best of both worlds also its the only place in Honduras that offers River rafting.


Tela , La Ceiba and Trujillo have beautiful kilometers of white sandy beaches  while

Bay Islands has the most beautiful caribbean beaches and turquoise color water  in Honduras.


While access to the bay Islands is limited by scheduled ferry  and fligts;

living on  the mainland offers you the  freedom to move elsewhere. It is important to know that the ferry to the bay Islands parts from La Ceiba's port. and also the access to cayos cochinos,and all 3 bay Islands.





Bay Islands Honduras has the most expensive real Estate in Honduras,also the cost of living is considerable higher on the bay islands than on mainland.(if this is not an issue for you  great ), but if living on a budget is important to you please do your homework  visiting and comparing prices everywhere, and  also speaking to other expatriats living in Honduras.




While crime is higher on mainland specially in San Pedro Sula,no place is crime free.

Home alarms and security companies  that look over properties are very reasonable.

people who live here learns where to go and what places to avoid; like in any part of the world.


                            Rent or buy ?

Some may consider renting for a few months and exploring around before investing a large amount of money.

If your investment is not the kind to break the bank you can find a good deal in a couple of weeks.


cayos cochinos, Honduras



La Ceiba beach front with Cayos view. at U.S $41,000













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